Crispbreads 2016

 “Organically grown whole grains and seeds rolled flat and baked crisp; each serving splits into  two equal halves!  This is Artisan bread at its finest.”

Inspired by BOTH the traditional Crispbreads of Europe and the Health orientation of America, Dr. kracker Crispbreads are made with a blend of nature’s best whole grains and seeds, mixed carefully into a yeast-raised dough and artisan-baked to perfection. We make sure that every bite of every Dr. Kracker flatbread bursts with texture, character and gusto. We love our deliciously crunchy Crispbread just the way they are but according to our ardent fans they’re also great when paired with your favorite foods.

Our versatile Crispbreads offer a wholesome alternative to crackers, breads and croutons. It makes a perfect accompaniment to a fresh salad, warm soup or pairing with your favorite dip. Also, a “Kracker” or two would be an ideal basis for a delicious sandwich. However you choose to enjoy it, we always deliver nutritional sustenance!

With Dr. Kracker you get the rich toasty taste of organically grown whole grains and whole seeds as well as an abundance of plant-based protein, heart healthy fiber and essential micronutrients.

Pairing Suggestions


Klassic 3 Seed

Pumpkin Seed Cheddar


Seeded Spelt